August Pictures

August 2008

Chesapeake Bay Vacation

 View of the house from the dock
(sun is reflecting on windows - was quite stunning really)

Sunrise looking from the house (wow!)

Monday - THE day (Bill's parents 40th Wedding Anniversary)
We got to wear tophats, scarves, and fancy t-shirts (oh, and necklaces and light-up tiarras)



Rowley siblings: Pearce, Jill, and Bill                                      Our family, all dressed up!


Grandpa and Grandma with all the grandkids
(Joshua, Michael, Andrew, and Robert)



Jill setting our fancy dinner table....................while grandpa cooks the steaks...yum!



THE anniversary cake.  WOW!  Pics from different years decorated the sides...

and Bill and Eileen's wedding picture on the top.  Incredible, but edible.  :)



Jill cutting THE cake (someone had to do it)            Scrumptious rasberry filling


The happy couple.  Happy 40th!


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