Utah Trip '08

When my parents were on furloughs when I was younger, we would pass by Shiprock and visit the Four Corners.  Thought we would let the kids experience it too.

The kids wanted to prove that they could all be in 4 places at the same time...  go figure!


Each kids chose a State.

Mom and Dad chose all four...


We made it to Utah and it started snowing that evening and didn't stop until we left 5 days later!
We stayed with my brother Dan and his family.
Here is their new home in Ogden, UT:


The kids had a hayday (or snowday) on a slope not too far away...




And of course, Uncle Dan had to get in on the fun...


and the rest of us too!  Cousin Hannah had a great time on her snowboard.


What else can you do in snow?  Attempt to make a snow "thing".  And get the whole family involved!


Robert teaching Lucas how to throw a snowball.

"What's that?  You want to come home with me?  Let me ask my parents..."


And here's our attempt at making a "snowthing".  Of course, Dan and I are the architects...

Hmm....why don't we just call it "SnowHenge"?


OK, next on the list:  visit the Snow Village downtown.
"Well, Lucas, I've had enough snow.  Time to go home."
"Ok, bye Andrew.  I had a good time!"


Thanks Dan, Raquel and Lucas!
Maybe we'll visit in the summer next time!