February '09

Robert turned 13 this year!
And what else does a 13 year old want for a party when in Alabama?
An airsoft war of course!  Complete with friends who wear camo...
(When in Rome...)

Oh yes, and a mohawk.
Let me tell you, they had a GREAT time!


We FINALLY received our fruit trees!  Here is a pic of the berms we made to plant them on.
(This will keep the roots from sitting in water when it floods).


Josh found a very pretty Luna Moth.  At first he thought it was a butterfly, but when he came running inside to get the camera and told me about it, I kind of wondered why we would have butterflies in February.
Turns out it was a Luna Moth, with one of it's tails ripped or chewed off.


Let it snow?

Despite the fact that a few days earlier it had been in the 70's, the weather decided to give us snow on March 1 (Sunday) and church services were cancelled.  Well, guess we decided to enjoy it!


That little red blob in the middle of the lake is Robert in the Kayak.
What in the world is he doing?

Getting a snowball from across the lake of course!?  That's where I would get one...


And of course, we had to make a giant snowman.



(Boy, that tractor has sure come in handy...)