Pisco Bamba
2 Test me, O LORD, and try me,
       examine my heart and my mind;

 3 for your love is ever before me,
       and I walk continually in your truth.

Psalm 26:2-3

Welcome to Pisco Bamba, AKA English for "The Shire"

Hmm, must be a Shire worker.  Not sure what kind.

Main Street

People gathering for worship service.  I believe they said there was about 300 or more people (men, women and children).

Children's Church

Mmm,  dinner.

Well, time for bed.  The team brought mattresses (of sorts) and their American sleeping bags for the night.  Spots in pic is all the dust in the air.  It got down into the 30's and no heater except your own body heat and anything else you could find.  Alpaca wool anyone?

 The team spent 3 days here ministering and getting to know the people.  One team member became sick, but still perseverred.  Here he is worshipping with a man who had been stoned and left for dead 10 years ago when terrorists were in this area. 

The faith of a mustard seed...

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